Wednesday, June 28, 2017

the lord's assistant

Oi Familia!!!!

This week was fantasssstttiicccc! We started out our week by meeting the new missionaries at the airport and we stayed with them for Tuesday and Wednesday! And gave some training and ate at some good restaurants, which was legit!

We got back to our area on Thursday and we had some crazy miracles. We have been working with an investigator, Cintia, and she really wants to get baptized but she needs to get married first. And her husband said that he didn't wanna get married and her husband is also never at home so we didn't have an opportunity to talk to him and explain to him why he needs to be married. But on Thursday before lunch we just thought, let's go visit Cintia! So we arrived there and her husband was sitting on the curb and we simply started talking to him and 5 minutes later we had his permission to start the process with the justice of the peace and we spent the afternoon prepping the documents and on Friday we marked the wedding day with the Justice of the Peace. It's amazing to see how the Lord works to make miracles. Where much is required, much is given! 

Kevin also got baptized this week! We taught him the word of wisdom last Sunday and he said "I stopped using drugs 10 months ago, I stopped drinking 2 months ago, and I stopped smoking 2 weeks ago and this week I'll stop drinking coffee" It's amazing to see how the Lord prepares people for us to find, teach and baptize! Because of our schedule we weren't able to visit him very much the week of his baptism but we met with him before his interview and he told us that he hadn't had any problems at all with coffee and that he was ready to be baptized. When we can't follow up on our investigators the Lord does. 

Another miracle! Jackie stopped drinking coffee this week. We went to teach her and Sergio the word of wisdom on Saturday and she told us that that week she stopped drinking coffee. BLESS UP Y'ALL 

This week when Napoleon took us to visit his friends (6 more referrals BLESS UP) and we said, like always, Sister means sister in English when we introduced ourselves and Napoleon said "they're called sisters because they're the assistants to the Lord." Sister Hannah and I had a good laugh about that one later!

Have a great week!
the Lord's assistant,
Sister Jolley