Monday, January 9, 2017

dog at church

Alrighty y'all! 

This week was fantastic!! We had some killer rainstorms, some killer commentary and a killer baptism!

Lemme start off telling y'all about the baptism! So, for almost 2 transfers we've been teaching Mauricio! and he's really amazing! He changed his life completely to recieve the blessings of being a member of the Church. He's been going to church for almost a year now, but wasn't ready to give up some things in his life to be baptized. When we started teaching him, he only needed to stop drinking! And so we made tons of goals and said tons of prayers and bore our testimonies and it worked out alright. He was baptized this Friday and just about the whole ward was there! It was so cool and so special. ALSO Y'ALL THE BISHOP'S WIFE BROUGHT HER DOG TO THE BAPTIZM. ONLY BRAZIL Y'ALL ONLY BRAZIL. He almost fell into the font and when a member was up there bearing his testimony and CRYING the dog was doing all sorts of stuff right at his feet. COMO ASSIM BRASIL COMO ASSIM  and then if y'all wanna know something else yours truly was wearing her hair down and it's a little humid here in Brazil so I was looking worse than Hermione but sometimes you've just gotta go with the flow and the Ward Mission Leader, as we were walking out to take a photo, said "you're gonna take a photo with your hair like this?" ALRIGHTY FOLKS I KNOW THAT I'M NOT A HAIR MODEL BUT IT WASN'T THAT BAD. But take a look at the photo and send in your votes--Was it or was it not necessary to make that comment?---thank you for your participation

On the other hand, we received another miracle here in Neopolis! We have started to teach a 17 year old girl that is really really amazing. She was introduced to the gospel almost 2 years ago by a friend, already read the whole Book of Mormom 2 times, and lives all the standards and has a killer testimony. The only problem is her dad won't let her be baptized. So in 3 weeks, she'll turn 18 and legally be able to be baptized. She has such a strong testimony. Her family is completely against the church and she is preparing to leave her family and live alone to be able to receive the blessing of being a member of the Church. We hope that through lotsa prayer and fasting her dad will accept her baptism and let her live at home. But let me tell you teaching her is like a scene from an action film. We can't teach her at her home obviously so we have to make all these plans to meet her at the house of someone and we can only call her during certain hours of the day and it's complicated. But it's worth it, because she is so special and has waited so long. 

Also this week we got transfer calls! I'm staying here in Neopolis!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I'm so pumped! We have tons of people who are GOLDEN here y'all!!

have a great week!

love you

Sister Jolley