Tuesday, August 8, 2017

the faith of campo bom


This week was great! Sister Pedrosa and I went to the airport and we got to welcome the new missionaries to the mission! It was SICK! There is a sister missionary from Texas that arrived! We also had a fancy dinner at the President's house that was FANCY and the food was SO GOOD! President Campos' daughter tried to teach me how to samba but it didn't go very well. ITS A GOOD THING YOU DON'T HAVE TO DANCE WELL TO BE A GOOD MISSIONARY! 

Then we got back to good 'ol Campo Bom and started a whirlwind of work to to find and visit and follow-up with everybody. We're teaching a girl named Alexia who is 13! She's so sweet and she plays basketball! Her friend (a recent convert) brought her to church a few weeks back and we've been teaching her! If all goes well she'll be baptized next Sunday!

So this was Sister Pedrosa's first time going to church here in Campo Bom...and LEMME TELL YOU the first time can just give you a bit of a fright. Lemme tell you why (if I've already said this in other emails I forgot so you'll just get to hear it again) First off- we meet in a falling apart old blue house that has cracks in the walls and despite all the cleaning never gets clean, sacrament meeting is held in the garage and if it's raining hard enough it rains INSIDE the sacrament room and if it gets quiet enough you can hear the rats running in the ceiling. Also NO ONE can sing the hymns. If you guys can imagine an out-of-tune choir, imagine it and then make it ten times worse. Once an investigator said to us "in your church the hymns are REALLY different" with a nauseated look in her face. Don't worry, she got baptized later. Anyway the classes, well they could use a bit of help. One time we had a HEATED debate in Relief Society and a talk about Satan and his angels in Gospel Principles,  and when the class was about repentance but we just talked about temptations. BUT despite it all, the Spirit is really strong, the members here have SO MUCH FAITH. It's amazing to see! For the last few weeks our sacrament meeting attendance has been better than some of the wards in the stake! AND THE BEST NEWS IS we're getting a new meeting house! Hopefully before I leave it'll be all ready!

quote of the week
member- "Sister, I was studying English this week and learned that in English 2 d's make an r sound"
me- "Portuguese is much easier, isn't it?"

A day later I realized that 2 d's don't make an r sound. 

love you guys

Sister Jolley


THIS WEEK WAS PRETTY COOL! We spent half the week in POA and the other half here in good ol' Campo Bom. Sister Hannah and I went to the temple with the other missionaries that are headed home on Tuesday with President and Sister Campos. While we were in the waiting room one of the helper ladies asked my comp where we were serving and she said "Campo Bom" and jokingly added that the field is white here and then the helper lady said "are you guys having a frost in Campo Bom?" and I mean it's kinda funny and I gave a little chuckle but Sister Campos LOST IT laughing until she sat down. She laughed so hard, she just cried and watching her laughing was so funny that we both ended up laughing and laughing and laughing and all the helper ladies were trying to shush us but it was a lost cause. And then during the session I ended up with a really bad case of hiccups that just got louder and louder and everyone was stifling their laughter and once again I felt grateful for all the times in Sacrament meeting I learned how to not laugh! Probably one of the most memorable temple sessions EVER. LOLZ.

So Sister Hannah's family came to pick her up which was really cool! It's funny how crazy everyone gets about Americans and American candy! My new comp is SISTER PEDROSA from SERGIPE! She's on her last transfer so I'll be sending another one home! 

This week I had the opportunity to teach a really special lesson to Napoleon's sister and her husband. We've been working with them for a bit and they have a baptismal date marked but they were getting ready to sorta give up and wanted us to come back when their life was easier. HAHA people life isn't gonna get easier. As I sat in the lesson searching for the right things to say I learned a lot about faith and the commandments. This couple, they know the church is true. They've received an answer, actually a few answers, that they need to get baptized but they don't have the faith to do it. They can't see the blessings that they will have if the keep the commandments and don't have enough faith to try. During the lesson I felt a little bit like how I imagine parents feel. They can see things that their kids can't see, and they understand things that their kids don't understand, but lotsa times the kids don't do what their parents counsel them to do. It was a frustrating experience but something finally went right because THEY WENT TO CHURCH YESTERDAY and LOVED IT, AGAIN. Hopefully you'll be getting their wedding pictures in a month! 

line of the week
Recent convert who is 79 - "If you don't love our church, you don't love Jesus"
It was killer one in our Gospel Principles class! She was trying to convince an investigator to get baptized. LOLZ

Have a great week

Sister Jolley

little miracles

Hi Family!

This week was amazing as usual! We had a mission tour with Elder Aidukaitis, who will become the president of the Brazil area on the first of August. It was really great and I learned a lot about what I need to do to be a better missionary. He talked about the importance of goals and trying to reach them. He said something that I'll try and translate into English, "it's better to set a goal to reach the stars and end up on your roof than set a goal to get on your roof and end up just reaching the dumpster." I'm not sure if it makes that much sense in English but he was trying to say that it's better to set high goals and not reach them than set low goals and reach them because only by trying will you start to reach your potential. 

We had another wedding! and the speaker wasn't working so yours truly played the music when the bride walked in, so it was just me and my inspiration. Afterwards the Branch President told me he loved it. LOLZ So that was on Friday and she was baptized on Saturday in really COLD WATER. People the water was so cold that I could hardly put my hand in it, but Cintia was a trooper and GOT BAPTIZED and it was so wonderful. Her family came from Novo Hamburgo and Caxias which was really cool and really special. Her husband should be getting baptized in a few weeks! 

On Sunday I saw a lot of little miracles. Napoleon passed the sacrament for the first time and another recent convert went to church with a white shirt and tie and another for the first time using a skirt. It was so special to see them sitting there all dressed in their Sunday best ready to worship God. It's miraculous to see the changes that God makes in our lives. 

This week we're going to be giving a lot of training and we're gonna go to the TEMPLE!!!  which will be amazing! 

Read your scriptures
Say your prayers

Sister Jolley

Thursday, July 20, 2017



It started out road tripping with President and Sister Campos for 2 days right by the beach. Sister Hannah and I helped inspect the houses. Lemme tell you that the elders' houses are the grossest things EVER. YUCK. And Sister Campos just kept teaching them how to clean and she even interviewed a few a them about the cleanliness of the house. LOLZ. So on Tuesday night we stayed in a hotel with President and Sister Campos and it was LEGIT because it had a huge window that looked right on the beach and you could open it all up and feel the ocean. We also went to a rustic and quaint store on the side of the beach and I bought a little lighthouse. WE TOOK TONS OF PHOTOS cuz it's not everyday you go roadtrippin' with your mission president and his wife.

ALSO ON FRIDAY WE HAD A WEDDING AND ON SATURDAY WE HAD A BAPTISM AND SUNDAY THE CONFIRMATIONS. TÃ LOUCO! The wedding was so wonderful and pretty and the groom just couldn't stop smiling! and the baptism was so spiritual! Sister Hannah and I sang "Families Can be Together Forever" with "I Love To See the Temple" in a mix up that we invented. During the mission you find talents that you didn't even know you had! Then on Sunday we had 4 CONFIRMATIONS! It took up almost all of sacrament meeting, well a good 20 mins! which was good cuz I gave a talk yesterday.

So a month ago Napoleon took us to visit his sister and her husband and we taught them but they weren't really that interested so after a few visits we ended up discontinuing them. But Napoleon told us that they wanted us to go back! So we went back and taught the Plan of Salvation. And we marked a baptismal date (looks like maybe we'll be having another wedding!) and invited them to go to church. WELL they said they would only go if it was warm out because their 4 month old daughter was a little sick. So all of Sunday morning I prayed that it would be warm! And we arrived and church and there was just 2 of our investigators and we waited and waited and when it was 8:57 and I leaned over to Sister Hannah and said "I think we've just hit a record low in our companionship. Just 2 investigators at church" and as I said that THEY PULLED UP AT THE FRONT OF THE CHURCH BUILDING AND WALKED RIGHT ON IN. MIRACLES ARE REAL PEOPLE. IT WAS SO SPECIAL! 

this week we have another wedding and another baptism!!!


love you guys
Sister Jolley

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Headed to the beach

Oi Familia!

This week was crazy fantastic! Remember how last week I told you guys about the woman that wanted to be baptized asap? Weeellll she was baptized yesterday. I don't think I've ever taught anyone so incredibly prepared. We taught her for 9 days people. She just straight accepted everything and said "I wanna live the commandments already so that I can receive the blessings" This woman gets the gospel. 

Other than that our week was pretty normal :) Napoleon took us to teach his never ending group of friends, so STRAIGHT UP BLESSING. He has 2 friends that we are teaching that have baptism dates but they've been having  trouble getting to church. So Napoleon told us "Next Saturday I'll just sleep at their house so that I can take them to church" EVERY AREA NEEDS NAPOLEON And he wasn't joking folks, he'll sleep there. I'll give you an update next week on how this goes. So Napoleon actually has an identical twin brother who is atheist and we dropped by their house to get Napoleon, and his twin asked him what he was gonna do and he said "Dude I'm gonna go take the assistants to all my friends" and his twin said "Do your friends know that you're gonna visit them?" and Napoleon replied and said "Dude you don't even know what it means to be a missionary" HAHAHA IT WAS SO FUNNY Also for all you curious people out there his name isn't actually Napoleon but he reminds me so much of Napoleon Dynamite that it just stuck.

So on Saturday Sister Hannah and I were looking at President's monthly schedule and we saw that he would be going to the beach on Tuesday (to interview the missionaries) and Sister Hannah and I decided to call him and ask if we could go to the beach as well. WELL HE SAID YES AND WE'RE HEADED TO THE BEACH TOMORROW.
So we won't actually go swimming but I'll try and send some cool photos.

Sister Jolley

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

the lord's assistant

Oi Familia!!!!

This week was fantasssstttiicccc! We started out our week by meeting the new missionaries at the airport and we stayed with them for Tuesday and Wednesday! And gave some training and ate at some good restaurants, which was legit!

We got back to our area on Thursday and we had some crazy miracles. We have been working with an investigator, Cintia, and she really wants to get baptized but she needs to get married first. And her husband said that he didn't wanna get married and her husband is also never at home so we didn't have an opportunity to talk to him and explain to him why he needs to be married. But on Thursday before lunch we just thought, let's go visit Cintia! So we arrived there and her husband was sitting on the curb and we simply started talking to him and 5 minutes later we had his permission to start the process with the justice of the peace and we spent the afternoon prepping the documents and on Friday we marked the wedding day with the Justice of the Peace. It's amazing to see how the Lord works to make miracles. Where much is required, much is given! 

Kevin also got baptized this week! We taught him the word of wisdom last Sunday and he said "I stopped using drugs 10 months ago, I stopped drinking 2 months ago, and I stopped smoking 2 weeks ago and this week I'll stop drinking coffee" It's amazing to see how the Lord prepares people for us to find, teach and baptize! Because of our schedule we weren't able to visit him very much the week of his baptism but we met with him before his interview and he told us that he hadn't had any problems at all with coffee and that he was ready to be baptized. When we can't follow up on our investigators the Lord does. 

Another miracle! Jackie stopped drinking coffee this week. We went to teach her and Sergio the word of wisdom on Saturday and she told us that that week she stopped drinking coffee. BLESS UP Y'ALL 

This week when Napoleon took us to visit his friends (6 more referrals BLESS UP) and we said, like always, Sister means sister in English when we introduced ourselves and Napoleon said "they're called sisters because they're the assistants to the Lord." Sister Hannah and I had a good laugh about that one later!

Have a great week!
the Lord's assistant,
Sister Jolley

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Where much is given, much is required

Oi Família!!

This week was pretty amazing and pretty busy. Sister Hannah and I gave training at the New Missionary and Trainers Council on Wednesday with the Assistants. It seems like just a few months ago I was sitting there furiously taking notes and trying to absorb all the training but now I help give the training which is different and really humbling. I'm here "só na fé" But it was legit because I got to see Sister Lima who was finishing up training a sister from Chile! Sometimes I think you end up missing your old companions more than you miss home. It's weird but it's true. 

Also this week Napoleon took us to 10 more referrals and gave us 10 new investigators. This guy is literally overflowing with referrals. He wants us to baptize all his friends! and his whole neighborhood! and everyone he has ever had contact with! He knocks on their doors and says "I have 2 missionaries with me, can they share a message about Jesus with you?" and they have started to come to church! One of them showed up randomly in the middle of sacrament meeting yesterday. But the best part was when Napoleon said, during his testimony during a lesson "Their name is asister because they assist people" I used all my forces to not laugh. Everyone in Brazil studies English at school but almost no one knows that sister means sister. In another lesson, as we invited someone to be baptized the investigator said "I've already been baptized" and Napoleon asked "but have you been baptized by the spirit?" and open up the Bible and read John 3:5. The investigator accepted the baptismal date after that. Napoleon is literally the pride of Campo Bom!

Yesterday we ate churrasco!  It was lamb meat! and it was really good! and we also found Kevin, another investigator that disappeared and he should be getting baptized this week or next! 

In other good news we marked the wedding date for Jackie and Sergio with the Justice of the Peace for the second week in July! WE'RE GONNA HAVE A WEDDING!!!!! I'M LITERALLY BEYOND EXCITED!!!!

Campo Bom is literally full of miracles! its amazing to see how much  the Lord is blessing us. We spend a lot of time out of our area and I know that the Lord takes care of and blesses our investigators. The other day we were in the car with President and Sister Campos and president taught us something really special. He said "where much is given much is required but where much is required much will be given" 

quote of the week
So sister Hannah and I were welcoming people at front gate of the church building yesterday and a member showed up and his wife wasn't with him
Me "Hi How are you? Where's your wife?
Him "Well Sister, the changes in temperature have attacked her liver. So she's got a headache, you know?"
Me "Attacked her liver? How does the hot weather do that? But I hope she gets better" 
*5 mins later she shows up in full health at the gate"

Sister Jolley