Thursday, May 4, 2017

Running in the rain


We had zone conference with President and Sister Campos and interviews!!! It was really good! And my comp and I had to give a training at the zone conference and it was a little nerve wracking with President there but IT WENT ALL GOOD. But lemme tell you guys we had the biggest struggle getting to the conference. So the conference was in Caxias and Caxias is about an hour and a half away taking the bus and the conference started at 8 in the morning. So we called the bus station and we decided to take the first bus at 6:30 and the lady promised us that it was direct and that it wouldn't stop at all the bus stops and would just be 1 hour. 

So we left our apartment at 6 in the morning (in the rain) and ran to the bus station and got there just in time only to realize that we had forgotten our phone and that the bus that we were taking was actually the same bus that passes in front of our  house at 6:40. Life's full of disappointments. And we didn't know where we needed to get off the bus to get to the Chapel and we couldn't call anyone.  So we finally got to Caxias and we asked a lady on the bus if she knew where the chapel was and she told us that she did! So we got off the bus with her and she told us where to go but when she gave us the directions I realized that we weren't talking about the same place and that we had gotten off the bus really early. Anyway we ended up walking/running in the rain like crazies trying to find out where the chapel in Caxias is. We ended up arriving late at the conference and sopping wet. HAHAHAHAHA IT WAS A LITTLE ROUGH Y'ALL but at least the conference was great!

Anyway on Thursday we had to go to Porto Alegre for my visa AGAIN and we left at 4 IN THE MORNING!!!! Riding buses is becoming one of my favorite things!

Senhor Osmar was baptized and it was really special and he's so happy and he already started doing his family history!!!! He's so excited to take names to the temple!

Have a great week!
Read your scriptures
Say your prayers

Sister Jolley