Things to know before you go

Pack one suitcase for the CTM and another for the field- this was the legit the best thing I did- it makes leaving so much easier and you have a bunch of clothes you've never worn before when you get to the field.
Speak with the Brazilians- all day everyday -forget English and just try. Brazilians so are nice and patient and love Americans so don't be shy
Also enjoy the food, cuz in the field the food disappears.

Brasil/South America/Rainy Climate
Okay so there are no dryers in Brasil-blows, I know. SO TAKE CLOTHES THAT WILL DRY IN A HUMID CLIMATE. 
For the sandals- lotsa people think that all missions in Brasil allow open toed sandals, but from what I understand on the missions in Recife, Manaus and Belem allow them right now.
Bring a microfiber towel cuz real towels don't dry and it sucks
Also, Brasilians are super open and love to share- it's part of their culture so just embrace it and they will LOVE  you.
If you take a journal for the mission make sure it has enough space for your whole mission cuz you can't buy nice journals here.

Okay so for the shoes- not gonna lie I brought 12 pairs of shoes- and I don't regret it at all. I would recommend taking lotsa different types of shoes- flats, oxfords, those ugly sister missionary shoes (yeah sounds crazy I know), just because it sucks to walk miles in flats each day and it also sucks to just have the ugly sister missionary shoes so take both
Make sure you have at least one pair of shoes that has a strap across the top and make sure your shoes aren't too high- you will sprain your ankle on the uneven streets.
The brands I have are Born,Taos, LL.Bean (rainboots) and Crocs (they sell flats- great for rain) 
Also take some good ol' Dr Scholls inserts- your feet will thank you.
I had a friend at the CTM who picked 4 colors (navy, cream, purple, and forest green) when she bought all her clothes and all her clothes have at least one of those colors so she has tons of options and her clothes all match. 
Most of my clothes are from Colombia- I have button down shirts from there and they are the best because they dry the day I wash them. Other clothes take like 5 days to be dry. I also got my raincoat there and it's great.
My bag is from OGIO and I love it sooo much- it's light weight and I can put tons of stuff in it or just have a Book of Mormon and pamphlets. You don't want a huge bag cuz when you walk for miles you start to only take the stuff you actually really need. OGIO has a discount for missionaries so you can get the bag for really cheap.

"The gift of tongues is the only hope you have"- Elder Bednar
Pray to love the people of your mission cuz when you love them you will have an even greater desire to learn the language.

Recipes for American food
Watch with good timer (for workouts)
Don't take temple clothes- missionaries rent for free and they take up valuable space in your bag
Backpack- not for proselyting, but I use mine when I take the bus- and it's also good cuz you can take more stuff on the plane if you pack your purse in your backpack and have a carry on.
Also if you're going to a mission that doesn't have cars, (@ south america) don't take a suit case with 4 spinny wheels- they will break. Find a suitcase with just 2 wheels. You have to be able to move all your stuff alone and it's really hard to use the suitcases with 4 wheels on the unpaved streets here, and after one of your wheels breaks its even harder
School kit- pens, pencils, scissors
BYU shirts- if you went to BYU, you probs have tons of the ones they would hand out for free at games and the people here love them- I've already given all mine away
Pictures of you in pants- tons of people like to see the photos I brought and somehow I ended up with only selfies and pictures of me in dresses and people don't believe me when I tell them I can wear pants
Laundry bag
VITAMINS-you really only eat carbs and meat and if you're used to eating really healthy this will be a hard change-vitamins help a lot
Try and take all your toiletries for 18 months cuz the stuff here isn't the same and it's expensive and missionaries are poor, so you'll end up using your own money here to buy something that's not quite as good as what you could've brought.

and remember, we "battle literally for the souls of men"- Elder Ballard (see D&C 101:35-37)