Friday, July 29, 2016

That's a Wrap!

Hey Fam!!!!

So I finished my first transfer yesterday, yikes time flies!! 
This week was really good! and the best part was we went to Porto Alegre for some training and got to see my district from the CTM!

                                             Sister Jolley with her CTM companion Sister Corey

Fun Fact: in Brazil you don't eat lunch you literally lunch--the word for lunch is a verb. 
Almoço is real big here. 
Also people don't even know the word for breakfast alot because breakfast doesn't really matter here, 
tears cuz that's my favorite meal of the day.

And this email is gonna be real short cuz one I forgot my planner and 2 its a holiday here so the internet cafes are closed so were emailing real quick at the church just to let y'all know I'm still alive here on the other side of the world.

I love being a missionary and in just one transfer I've learned and changed so much, yesterday in sacrament meeting I was asked to bear my testimony about the gift of tongues and really 1 that was a tad scary cuz lotsa people and also Portuguese in front of lostsa people but I think it went over well.

But the point is that it is only through the enabling power of the Atonement that I have this ability to speak and understand Portuguese. My faith and trust in the Savior and His Atonement has grown leaps and bounds. 

I love you guys! Have a great week,
Sister Jolley


We found this park in Santa Cruz after we missed the bus

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

It Fell From the Sky

Hey Y'alllllll!!!! 


Baptism in sign language

His name is Dorivaldo and he's this little old guy that we tracted into- we taught him the first time at this gate and we didn't think we would ever return cuz he didn't seem to have any sort of potential. But, turns out he did- he went to church that week and homeboy quit his cigarettes and wowe conversion really is a miracle- also funny story about the his baptism--so he was baptized by a guy that just was baptized about a month ago so he wasn't really sure what was going on, and Dorivaldo was a little lost, and lo and behold this little old grandpa had to be dunked 3 TIMES GUYS. Oh it was so hilarious. There I was trying to feel the spirit at my very first baptism but really it was a struggle enough to keep a straight face, not gonna lie my comp lost it. OH MAN IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER. My comp and I also sang a special musical number but she lost her voice this week so the special musical number was a little extra special. Everyone there teared up though so at least we had that going for us.

As for the other things that fell from the sky- hail y'all and it rained so much we were pretty much swimming in the streets- but it doesn't matter cuz Dorivaldo went swimming in the waters of baptism. 

My district

Also I had a bit of an encounter with the word of wisdom this week. So we ate lunch at a restaurant one day this week and all four of us sisters were pumped. There was tons of food and man it was the best. But then came dessert, and I went and got mine and they had the tiniest little dishes there, like the size of your palm, but I wasn't gonna let that stop me so I got like 7 different types of desserts in this little dish and went back to my seat and started eating and it all tasted sorta funny but not gonna lie a lot of the time things here taste a little different and I had like 7 different things all mixed together  so I wasnt too worried. But then this went down

Comp -"Sister Jolley that has wine"
Me -"Oh really, how cool" *continues to eat*
Comp -"Sister, no it has wine"
Me - "Yeah, this tastes good" *continues to eat*
Me - "Alcohol? This is dessert Sister Portilho, not a drink" *continues to eat*
Comp -"No Sister, it's made with alcohol"

Well, turns out part of the desert I picked had sauce that is actually sweet wine and it's not like cooked out or anything so yeah- anyway I learned the word for wine. But the best part is for the rest of the day my comp kept asking me if I felt drunk- oh man it was hilarious.

Well that's all I got today- the work continues to move forward here in Venâncio Aires, and I love being a missionary. It's an amazing feeling to testify of Christ everyday and feel His love for others.

Love you guys,
Sister Jolley

Wednesday, July 13, 2016



I can't believe that is p day again already! This week was great and sooo fast. ALSO THIS WEEK WAS BEYOND RAINY- NEARLY DROWNED Y'ALL. Swimming is against the rules of the mission so I may just have to ask the President to let me stay in for the next 2 months cuz I don't wanna break any rules, ya know? haha jokes but on the reals the rain is rough cuz everyone thinks we're crazy to walk in the street and no one wants to stop and talk in the rain. Oh well- more blessings for us, right? At least that's what I tell myself.

BUT THIS WEEK I HAD A FIRST- the classic missionary food experience happened to me- our investigator gave us some food to try. I think it was fried fat. Ohh it was the worst, the worst. Fed that thing to his dog as soon as I could. ALSO this week I contacted a pastor- lolz he wasn't too interested in my message- can't imagine why.

OH AND GUESS WHAT Y'ALL- last week at our District Meeting our zone leader was talking to us and we were all in the chapel and there were actually a bunch of districts there (okay so actually 2 but imagine a lot of people for the sake of my story) and all the sudden the elder was like Sister Jolley come up here (to the pulpit) and give a talk on Moroni 7. AND I THOUGHT IT WAS A JOKE but it wasn't. So I walked up there and gave a talk on Moroni 7. Give it a read- 10/10 would recommend. 

SAD PART OF THE WEEK-so practically all of our investigators dropped us this week- WOWE IM DONE- But, we do have one that I think will be baptized if homeboy can keep the cigarettes on hold. 

HAPPY PART OF THE WEEK- this family we've been teaching told us that we were angels sent to teach them about Christ- BLESS UP- Legit this was the probs the best thing that has happened so far in the mish. It made me so happy to know that our messages make a real difference in the lives of others.

SCARY PART- My trainer had me lead the lessons this week- and it was a tad rough cuz usually I just share my part of the lesson with the people, and let my trainer be in charge- but this week it was me. She said I did a really good job so there's that.

Quote of the week
Sister F. Oliveira: Sister, I just recieved some personal revelation
Me: what
Oliveira: I gotta call president right now and tell him
Me: why
Oliveira: If I'm gonna be the healthy missionary I need to be, I need to wake up a at 8 instead of 6:30
Me: ahhh I think I just recieved the same revelation

As for the subject of this email- this week I learned that you can make popcorn without a popcorn maker! Who would've thought? and as for the movie, check out District 1 and 2,10/10 would recommend

love y'all
Sister Jolley

PS if y'all feel like your prayers aren't being answered try praying at 4 am. A guy we tracted into told us that at 4 am God isn't busy so he can grant your requests. I didn't have the heart to explain to him about the reality of time zones here on earth--haha the people here are a hoot.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016



This week flew by just like they always seem to --today marks 2 months in the mission and I honestly don't believe it. As for the Portuguese 2 months later I'm doing pretty good with it, I understand almost everything but my problem is it's really hard for me to understand old people and probably 60% of the people we teach are old people. So,I'm lowkey still lost during the lessons and it doesn't help that old people lovvvveeee to ramble on and lemme tell ya these old folks can ramble--one day i'll get it, y'all, one day

Also in other news, when I arrived here in Venancio Aires and took my first shower it was killer cold- oh man it was cold- but I just thought "well if this is it then I'm ready to take on cold showers for 18 months" and I took a absolutely freeeezing shower everyday until this last week when my comp left the bathroom and I saw steam and I thought there is no way I've been suffering for 2 weeks when you actually can have hot showers!?!?!?!?? Anyway my comp gave me a tutorial and life is much better now to say the least--BLESS UP FAM HOT SHOWERS FOR DAYSSSS

Also when I arrived at the CTM I somehow got stuck with the top bunk- I'm not sure how but it happened and I just thought "well the field will be better," cuz not gonna lie, the top bunk lost its charm probs 10 years ago. But I'm here to tell you that somehow I ended up on the top bunk again. So if y'all ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed, just be glad you don't have to climb down a ladder before your feet hit the floor. 

THIS WEEK I FELT FAMOUS THOUGH so we tracted into this family and taught their daughter (she's 12) the Restoration and after I spoke she stopped me and said "I've never talked with an American before" and then after the lesson was over she asked FOR A PICTURE WITH ME!! GET READY Y'ALL I'LL BE SELLING MY AUTOGRAPH SOON--BE GLAD YA KNEW ME BEFORE I WAS FAMOUS (and if you want me to remember you when I'm rich and famous, write me next week? kk thanks) 

This week I learned a lot about agency cuz todo mundo flaked and our investigators decided church wasn't such a fun idea after all--we'll get them next week, right??
Also this week my testimony of families grew soooo muchh. We taught this woman and her husband about the Plan of Salvation and the reality of eternal families- todo mundo cried- the Spirit was so strong, I love them so much and I hope they continue to progress and get baptized!!! Anyways shout out to my fam for being great. love y'all. 

Fun fact about Brasil-
They have scales to weigh yourself in public places and it's totally normal to do it-- my brasilian comp does it at least once a week- not gonna lie, I'm not ready for that sorta public display of my weight- maybe next transfer?? lolz

Quote of the week
Sister Nelson "is it easier to understand my Portuguese now?"
Sister F. Oliveira "sorry I didn't understand"

Quote of the week part 2
Sister Portilho "Sister, I think you've gained weight"
Me *blank stare* "really?"
Sister Portilho "really"
so instead of pics from the waist up it might just be shoulders and up--also another reason Im not aboutta weigh myself in public-- haha life moves on amiright?

love y'all
Sister Jolley