Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mosquitoes in the apartment

Alrighty family this was another great week here in Campo Bom! We got to see lots of miracles despite the rain that hasn't stopped for 2 WEEKS. 

On Wednesday Sister Hannah and I gave a training at the Mission Leadership Council which was incredibly nerve wracking and when I get nervous my accent gets really bad....but at the end President said that it was an excellent training so here's to giving trainings at all the Mission Leadership Councils for the rest of my mission! They'll get better with time I think lolz. We gave a training about the importance of having meaningful study and how it helps you be more productive in the work! And at the end President introduced the new program for the whole mission to read the Book of Mormon in 90 days. We start tomorrow!!! 

On Thursday we had exchanges with the lovely sisters who work in Bento Gonçalves--oh Bento! I'm glad they came to Campo Bom because I haven't been missing the hills there in Bento. During the exchange, me and Sister Sá were trying fruitlessly to find the house of one of our investigators in the rain and Im relatively new in the area but I'm not really that directionally challenged and it was just slightly (really) frustrating and we ended up walking for an hour to get somewhere that normally would've taken us 15 minutes and if I didn't already mention it, it was raining. And we got to the house and they had friends over. I just thought "Que droga, we walked for literally miles to get here and now it's all gonna be in vain" Anyway the family graciously let us in and we sat down all wet on their sofa (just imagine the scene people) I'm just there trying to play it cool because this family is REALLY SPECIAL and we're trying to baptize them but they need to get married and they weren't wanting to get married and Thursday was the day to lay it all down and decide if the baptism and marriage was gonna work or not. Anyway Jaque (our investigator) starts telling her friends that are there about how amazing the church is and how much it focuses on families and basically bearing her testimony but she didn't know it. Anyway after like 15 mins of small talk I decide well we can sit here for hours waiting for the visit to leave or leave a message and come back tomorrow. Anyway we said a prayer to start the message and out of the blue their friends get up and leave and I just think BLESS UP and then the conversation got serious and the Spirit got real strong and THEY ARE GONNA GET MARRIED AND GET BAPTIZED AND IT'S GONNA BE AMAZING and as we finished up her sister and her kids (who are recent converts) showed up. Anyway in the end I realized that we showed up at exactly the right moment so that we could have the right spirit and the right people there so that they would accept it all! And they went to church on Sunday! And while we were there she said "Jolley, I'm making some herbal tea to practice not drinking coffee" BLESS UP

Also this week a member told me "Sister do you have mosquitoes in your apartment? and I said no and then he said "Hmm I'm looking at your forehead and if it's not mosquitoes it must be toxins that are trying to leave your body" and I just said "No I'm pretty sure its just ACNE" and he said "No Sister, it's toxins, you need to detox your body, take this supplement and it will clear it right up" BRASILIANS ARE VERY FRANK and Sister Hannah and I laughed about it for a long time after and my forehead doesn't even have that much acne people and for the record I took the supplement--Ill give you guys an update next week on the forehead situation. HAHAHA 

Have a great week
Love you

Sister Jolley