Thursday, June 1, 2017

Napoleon part 2

HI FAMILY!!!!!!!
This week was full of hilarious happenings. And full of miracles! This week NAPOLEON GOT BAPTIZED! And we went to the temple and had a a zone conference with Presidente and Sister Campos and it rained sooooooooooooooooooooo much. Also I got my hair cut for the first time in 13 months. BLESS UP

So lemme tell you about the baptism of Napoleon. On Saturday he got interviewed and funnily enough our district is just Americans so Sister Hannah and I told our District Leader that he was the real life clone of Napoleon. And he agreed and PEOPLE HE IS. It's sooo hard not to laugh when we teach him cuz he’s hilarious but he just doesn't know it. This week he asked us "umm so like if I do all the stuff you ask me and get baptized and then go live in the wilderness for the rest of my life so I don't have temptations will I be saved" We had to inform him that sadly that isn't the case.  Anyway Sunday arrived and we  had his baptism service. And it was  incredibly incredibly spiritual. Sister Hannah and I sang Come Thou Fount in Portugu√™s and English and the testimonies and talks were really good. BUT the actual act of the baptism was just too much! The water was freezing because the heater is broken and when he and the man who would baptize him went down in the font they started yelping and then he was baptized and sprang up .05 seconds later gasping for air like a angry cat leaving the water. I'm glad I spend all of my youth learning how to not laugh during sacrament meeting with my sister because all 6 years of practice were put into action. BUT I managed to keep a straight face. 

Business 101 with Sister Jolley and Sister Hannah:
So during a lunch appointment we had this week this member told us his plans that he and his wife have to make and sell dog coats and then he said 'this is a fantastic idea because right now we’re in a huge economic crisis here in Brasil BUT even during the crisis people will wanna buy dog coats because people just love their critters” I decided I wouldn't share my opinion on the matter but Sister Hannah and I had a good laugh about it afterwords.

Yesterday we had our branch conference and I got to be the branch pianist and the choir pianist and if you guys wanna know how it went I'll just tell you that it's quite possible that I played better than they sang. And given the fact that missionaries don't have much time to practice sheet music and that I haven't played the piano in a few years  you can just imagine how it went. But the whole branch was like amazed and I tried to tell them that I played half the notes wrong but they didn't believe me.

line of the week
Member “Sister it looks like you've lost about 2 kilos”
Me “ yep” and just thought “how does she know I've lost exactly 2 kilos since I got here”
Her husband “ I think we should tell all the girls that they lost weight because it makes them happy doesn't it,                         Sister"
Member “I'm drinking salsa tea to help me lose weight”
You gotta watch out cuz the members always have an eye on you

hahah have a great week!!

Sister Jolley