Thursday, June 22, 2017

Where much is given, much is required

Oi Família!!

This week was pretty amazing and pretty busy. Sister Hannah and I gave training at the New Missionary and Trainers Council on Wednesday with the Assistants. It seems like just a few months ago I was sitting there furiously taking notes and trying to absorb all the training but now I help give the training which is different and really humbling. I'm here "só na fé" But it was legit because I got to see Sister Lima who was finishing up training a sister from Chile! Sometimes I think you end up missing your old companions more than you miss home. It's weird but it's true. 

Also this week Napoleon took us to 10 more referrals and gave us 10 new investigators. This guy is literally overflowing with referrals. He wants us to baptize all his friends! and his whole neighborhood! and everyone he has ever had contact with! He knocks on their doors and says "I have 2 missionaries with me, can they share a message about Jesus with you?" and they have started to come to church! One of them showed up randomly in the middle of sacrament meeting yesterday. But the best part was when Napoleon said, during his testimony during a lesson "Their name is asister because they assist people" I used all my forces to not laugh. Everyone in Brazil studies English at school but almost no one knows that sister means sister. In another lesson, as we invited someone to be baptized the investigator said "I've already been baptized" and Napoleon asked "but have you been baptized by the spirit?" and open up the Bible and read John 3:5. The investigator accepted the baptismal date after that. Napoleon is literally the pride of Campo Bom!

Yesterday we ate churrasco!  It was lamb meat! and it was really good! and we also found Kevin, another investigator that disappeared and he should be getting baptized this week or next! 

In other good news we marked the wedding date for Jackie and Sergio with the Justice of the Peace for the second week in July! WE'RE GONNA HAVE A WEDDING!!!!! I'M LITERALLY BEYOND EXCITED!!!!

Campo Bom is literally full of miracles! its amazing to see how much  the Lord is blessing us. We spend a lot of time out of our area and I know that the Lord takes care of and blesses our investigators. The other day we were in the car with President and Sister Campos and president taught us something really special. He said "where much is given much is required but where much is required much will be given" 

quote of the week
So sister Hannah and I were welcoming people at front gate of the church building yesterday and a member showed up and his wife wasn't with him
Me "Hi How are you? Where's your wife?
Him "Well Sister, the changes in temperature have attacked her liver. So she's got a headache, you know?"
Me "Attacked her liver? How does the hot weather do that? But I hope she gets better" 
*5 mins later she shows up in full health at the gate"

Sister Jolley