Monday, November 28, 2016



Highlights of the week
I didn't get transferred! So I'll be staying Neopolis (more commonly referred to as Heaven here) during Christmas and I'll be finishing the training of Sister Lima! SISTER COREY GOT TRANSFERED TO THE ZONE SO ITS ABOUTTA BE A PARTY

We now have a deaf investigator, which is legit so cool, so I'll be learning libras (sign language) on super speed now!

Also guys this week we went to a training in Porto Alegre and Presidente Compas was there and in passing he said "Sister Jolley isn't learning portuguese anymore, she speaks it already" I NEARLY PASSED OUT I WAS SO HAPPY so shout out to Irmao Jaques and Irma Sunaga the best portuguese teachers the CTM ever had! 

I had a great birthday!! thanks for all the birthday wishes!! Sister S. Santos and I got caught in a thunder storm (on my birthday people) and homegirl had never been in a thunderstorm before and it was just about the funniest thing that ever happened. All she said was "my hair, my hair, Sister, my hair" She straightens her hair 3 times a day and I just laughed and laughed and she thought we were gonna die but we just arrived at a meeting very wet. I have a great video and some killer pictures but yours truly forgot the cord to pass photos so just hang in there 'til next week.

PEOPLE miracles are happening here in Brasil and I'm so happy to be apart of this great work to spread the Gospel. If I had more time you could know more but just hang in there and next week I'll organize things better.

Love you guys!!

Sister Jolley

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The third language

Alright people! This week was absolutely full of miracles! The Lord is sending so many blessings to our area!!! And I'm so excited and so humbled! 

On Saturday we  went to eat lunch at a the home of a part member family, and the bishop had asked me to begin teaching the husband because homeboy needs to get baptized. Anyway we showed up and some miracles happened but I'm short on time so I'll cut to the good stuff. HOMEBOY ASKED US TO TEACH HIM, TOLD US HE WANTED TO GET BAPTIZED ASAP AND I'M JUST FLOORED Y'ALL. The only problem is he likes to drink, but we'll get that cleared up. ALSO IF THE WEEK COULDN'T GET BETTER OUR OTHER INVESTIGATOR HASN'T SMOKED SINCE TUESDAY. Y'ALL HOMEBOY WAS SMOKING A PACK A DAY 30 DAYS AGO. MIRACLES ARE SO REAL. AND HE WANTS TO GET BAPTIZED TOO!!! 

Also the ward I'm serving in is really special, in the past 6 months the missionaries here have baptized 4 deaf converts! And on Saturday one more was baptized! It was super spiritual! He was baptized by another convert who is deaf and it was all in sign language! So GUESS WHAT? I'm learning sign language now! And next week I'm gonna translate the gospel principles class!!! 

so I had a lot more typed up the computer erased it all :(
but have a fantastic week!

com amor,
Sister Jolley

Thursday, November 17, 2016


ALRIGHTY FAMILY AND FRIENDS Y'ALL DON'T EVEN WANNA KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I GOT ASKED ABOUT DONALD TRUMP- or as the Brasilians say it "Trumpy" it's really funny. And every time I got asked I remembered that line in the Missionary Handbook that talks about how we cant talk about politics- so in the end I just told everybody that I didn't know anything- which is pretty much true. 

But on the other hand this week was really great! My comp and I are in heaven! or as we always say it "Neopolis é o ceu" The members here are fantastic.

 Highlights of the week

Took a bath in the rain this week! 
Had pancakes and syrup at our district meeting--thanks mom!
Went to a baby shower and gave a message about eternal families
Sang a solo at a baptism service

This week when we asked our investigator how his day was he answered "It's not worth it to complain" and pretty much that's the line of the week here- we just say it all the time when life gets rough and laugh and laugh and get to work! 

The work is moving forward here in Neopolis and we're seeing miracles everyday!!! ​​
I've been studying Ether 12 a lot this week and it's the! 

Have a killer week

Sister Jolley

Friday, November 11, 2016

Deodorant anyone?

Oiiiiii family!!! 

How was your week?? Our week here was great! we spent way less time lost and much more time teaching! We have this one investigator- Edivino- and lemme tell you he's fantastic- he's progressing so much! He went to church and best of all last week he was smoking 20 cigarettes per day and as of yesterday he's only smoking 3! It's crazy to see such amazing miracles! He's so excited to get baptized! 

This week we went to follow-up with one of our investigators to find out if she received an answer about the BOM and she did, which is way cool! But she told us that she doesn't want to change religions because her religion doesn't require anything. I immediately thought of the scripture in Luke 6 where the followers of Christ decided that they didn't want to follow anymore and Christ turns back and asks his apostles if they too will leave him and Peter answers and says to whom will we go? You have the words of Eternal Life. Christ has the words of eternal life and only by following Him can we return to live with our Father in Heaven. At times it will be hard to follow him but if you quit you have no where else to go. He is the one. He is the only one. 

This week we celebrated my comp's birthday in our Zone Meeting and it was fantastic! In true missionary fashion no one brought a knife to cut the cake so we made it work... hahaha

line of the week
Elder: "Sister do you keep deodorant in your bag?"
Sister: "Nope"
Elder  "Aw man, I forgot to use mine this morning and it's really hot" 


have a great week!
love you guys!

Sister Jolley

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Didn't you want a certificate signed BY THE PROPHET

Oi Familia!

So I GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE THIS WEEK!!! which was literally the best and also why I'm writing you guys today! 

This last week was a little crazy because one of the sisters that I live with (Sister Santos) was sicker than a dog y'all. You can't even imagine, and so we spent a lot of time trying to make sure she didn't die HAHA JOKES but it was rough lemme tell you.

ALSO this week our water got turned off 3 times for 1.5 days so we spent most of the week without water.

ALSO We're dying of heat here-- I live with 2 Brasilians that are from Northern Brasil and all they say is "I've never imagined a heat this terrible."

When things get rough we just say "Didn't you want a certificate signed BY THE PROPHET?? Well now deal with it" (we all get a little paper signed by the prophet saying we're missionaries)  and just laugh and laugh at the situation 
But the best part is Sunday night when I was staying in with Sister Santos, out of nowhere she said "Sister Jolley, I actually didn't want a certificate signed by the prophet. I want to baptize people" BAHHHH I TRIED SO HARD NOT TO LAUGH-- we still haven't explained the joke. Irony is rough for some.
But on a high note, we have some great investigators! Training is not a joke y'all by the way- but things are going well! Sister Lima is FANTASTIC! I love her to pieces and we just pass the day laughing and trying not to die of heat stroke (my watch tan is KILLER) 

Also my make up is officially useless- I'm so much darker than my foundation and I left the bathroom with some foundation on,  cuz yours truly is suffering an acne attack and they all told me I looked like a ghost. So there's that BUT I WANTED A CERTIFICATE SIGNED BY THE PROPHET--SO I'M DEALING WITH IT FAM.

Man, mission life is literally the best, in the words of my dear trainee 
"Sister Jolley I'm much happier than I was last week, because last week I didn't know what mission life was."
"What's mission life?"
"It's when all the appointments fall through, and then it rains, and your feet have tons of blisters, and you spend all day lost, and when you get home and can't take a shower cuz the waters off, and well I think that only missionaries could be happy in this situation."

Man, missionary life is literally the best! because we know what our purpose is, and when you're on the Lord's errand nothing can take you down. This week I'll hit 6 months and I've already started crying. Time flies. I love Brasil and the people here! and I love being a missionary.

I love serving here in Neopolis. It's literally heaven despite all other stuff cuz the ward is the Legit all they wanna do is help the sisters- well not exactly but pretty much. The bishop is the best and we're teaching some friends of his family right now.

We had lunch this week at this member's home, much better than last P day

ALSO Y'ALL I gave a 10 minute talk at church this week and this week someone asked me what part of Brasil I was from. PORTUGESE IS COMING ALONG 

Have a great week!

Much love
Sister Jolley