Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Highlights of the Week

Alrighty folks so this week was fantastic!! 

Highlights of the week

We are teaching 4 sisters and they all went to church this week! And yesterday we had a family night with them and the Young Women's President! 

Osmar is doing really great and is prepping to be baptized this Saturday!!
Also we are teaching some Hatians who don't really speak Portuguese and we don't speak Creole or French (where you at Katana??) but they went to church this week which was great!!
We had splits 2 times this week and traveled all the way to Ivoti which isn't that far away but its a small little town so there isn't any buses that go there so we had to go on this crazy journey to 3 different cities to get there but I GOT TO BE WITH MY TRAINER ONE LAST TIME BEFORE SHE LEAVES FOR HOME THIS NEXT TRANSFER!!!!
I'll let the photos tell the rest of the story

love you guys

Sister jolley 

This week I met a girl that literally cried with happiness when I told her I was from Texas (see first pic)---She told me her dream is to live in Texas. TEXAS PRIDE FOREVER Y'ALL