Tuesday, April 4, 2017

the week of fiascos

Y'all don't even know what happened this week---IT WAS CRAZY and full of fiascos, so sit down and hold your horses--
So on Tuesday we went to Porto Alegre to go to the temple and it was really great and after a bit of a trial we got there right on time and after the session we took tons of great photos on the grounds!
On Wednesday we had a great day planned but ended up with everything falling through and getting chased by a few dogs. At the end of the day we had an appointment on the other side of town and had to walk an hour to get there (vou ter a panturrilha do PODER! BLESS UP) but the appointment was really good. It was with Carmen, an investigator who is literally amazing! The sisters had an open house a few transfers back and she and her boy friend walked in the church and ever since then she's gone to church every Sunday and her dream is to be baptized, the only problem is that she isn't legally married and her boy friend doesn't wanna get married :( BUT God is a God of miracles and the Lord will provide a way for her to be baptized!
On Thurdsay we went to Porto Alegre again for our leadership meeting and this is where things start to get a little rough-- I LOST MY CAMERA and 11 MONTHS OF PHOTOS IN PORTO ALEGRE--so that was a real low blow 
cried a bit but reality is rough sometimes but as my mom would say "it's not the worst thing that can happen."
So Sister Montecinos for 18 months didn't buy one gift for her family (she told me she spent all her money on makeup lolz) so Saturday morning we went to the center of town to buy 7 gifts with 100 reais--it was a little bit of a mess but we ran around town like 2  crazies and got all her gifts! But after this we couldn't go back home to leave them there so we just had to walk with them all day! We had a really busy day Saturday with tons of appointments but at about 6 o'clock we remembered that we didn't have any food at home, just half a package of saltines so we went to a little market and bought 16 hot dog buns, 4 eggs, and 3 mangos and a kilo of sugar! If you're wondering why we bought hot dog buns its because they were the cheapest. Brazil you can buy eggs separately, but when you do you they just put them in a sack. So just imagine us walking around with a sack of eggs, hotdog buns, mangos and 18 months worth of presents! And we still had 2 appointments and a baptism to watch and 6 hills to climb up and down to get there! We looked like little pack mules!
And just when I was thinking that the week of fiascos was finishing up another one happened! Sister Montecinos left Sunday afternoon for Porto Alegre so the sisters from the neighboring town traveled to Bento to stay with me--well Sister Montecinos took the house keys with her to Porto Alegre! so we ended up traveling back to Carlos Barbosa so that we could all sleep there! (the only thing I had with me was my Book of Mormon, 20 reais and a notebook to take notes for conference so shout out for 2 days in the same clothes!) and I'll get my house key back 8:30 tonight with my new companion who is SISTER DE PAULA!!!
line of the week 
backstory- we were going to a follow up appointment after we had taught the Restoration to a family 
Maria "it's you guys who have 12 apostles?"
Me "Yup" *shows photo*
Maria *looks at the photo for a bit and points to Elder Rasband* "This man is corrupt"
Me "So actually that man is an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ (quick testimony about the character of Elder Rasband)"
Maria "I saw him on the TV, that man is corrupt"
Daughter "Mom you're talking about Donald Trump"
me *almost keeled over trying not to laugh*

Alrighty folks so if you're wondering why this email is really long it's cuz I'm here repenting because my sister told me that she waits all week to read my email and I only send a few sentences!
Have a great week!!!
Sister Jolley