Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Rescue

Alrighty people! This week was great! The young man that went to church last week is legit amazing! He told us that he wants to serve a mission! Legit the Lord always sends us miracles. We're really excited to continue teaching him! He doesn't have much of a religious background so we're starting with square one! He really wants to be baptized because he wants to receive a remission of his sins. He's had a pretty rough life and has done  a lot of wrong things and the look on his face when we explained that all that could be washed away was priceless! The atonement of Christ  makes all the difference!

Also we have another lady that we've been teaching for a while now! Her name is Giacomina and she's pretty legit!  She's been reading the book of  Mormon and is finishing up 2nd Nephi and when we went back to teach her again she asked "what does the word apostasy mean?" and we explained and then she said "So that's what happens in all those other churches" and she went on to explain why the world needed a restoration! and why the Book of Mormon is evidence of God's love for all His children. SHE'S LEGIT! I nearly fell off the sofa y'all. She told us she doesn't wanna be baptized, but we'll see about that. After our lessons together she always invites us to drink some herbal tea and have some jam and toast and it's just so cute and quaint and fancy! 

The Rescue: So this week yours truly went off to rescue the lost Sister Lopes...lemme tell you how it went down. We were on the bus going from stop 69 to stop 61 and the bus was packed and our stop came and we all got off the bus but Sister Lopes didn't make it off the bus. And her comp was just devastated and my comp can't run so I just handed them my things and volunteered to chase the bus and I went running after her and the other sisters were yelling and I was running and it was 8 in the morning and in the end Sister Lopes was rescued and the whole situation was so incredibly hilarious that I just can't stop laughing about it. 

Also shoutout to the 5th ward Laurels and Beehives!! I loved your cards!!!

line of the week
Sister Arana "Sister Jolley are you gonna wear a braid again?"
Me "uhhh yup"
I'm going 3 weeks strong on the right side braid #braidsforlyfe 

love you guys

Sister Jolley

photo: Bus stop 89. 
One day when I have more time I'll tell you guys about bus stop 89, I feel like I've lived 3 transfers waiting for a bus at bus stop 89. HAHAHA