Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Singing in the Rain

Alrighty y’all this week was great!

Sister de Paula is literally amazing and I’m so glad to be her comp! I’m learning tons, she might just end up training me again. lolz
This week we had tons and tons of miracles, we received a lot of referrals from members each one has so much potential! We're really excited to start teaching them!

We're teaching a really special family, a mom and dad and their 13 year old daughter. They are receiving the messages really well and I’ll never forget when the mom said "I’ve been feeling like my family isn’t progressing anymore spiritually and I know that we need to change" or when she said "so right now my family is living a life that will lead us to the terrestrial kingdom" THEY ARE GOLDEN. They have  accepted baptismal dates for the end of the month! 

We are also teaching some other really special people, a young man named Franklin. I’ll tell you about him next week!

So on Monday I finally got back to Bento  with my  new comp (with the keys)  we  arrived about 8:30 and Irma Marlene came to get us at the bus station. And while I was really excited to get back to my own home, I knew that we didn’t have a lick of food at home and we were both dying of hunger. But I also didn’t have the nerve to ask Irma Marlene for food so I just thought well we have one package of Ramon, that’ll do. Anyway we got home and we were just both dying of hunger and I knew that a little package of Ramon wasn’t gonna do anything to help the situation but in true missionary fashion we just decided to do the best with what we had. And as we started to prep the food the phone rang and it was Irma Marlene, and she asked "sister do you guys have food?" within a few minutes she had brought us over dinner. I am so grateful for people that are willing and worthy to act on the promptings of the Spirit! 

line of the week
Elder "Sister do you guys have food at home"
Me "Yup-half a bag of rice and a liter of guarana"
Elder "Bah sister you're living in some state of poverty"
Me "Well do you have food"
Elder "A fridge full of cold water"
Missionary poverty is real! But it’s not cuz we don’t have money its cuz we don’t have time to buy food! But don’t worry Mom, today I loaded the fridge with fruits and veggies! 

Have a great week
Say your prayers and read your scriptures!!

love, Sister Jolley

Annelise sent these pictures taken with her companions’ camera.