Friday, April 21, 2017

I'm here to stay

Alrighty folks this week was crazy busy as usual but also crazy good! It was, as per usual filled with bus rides and miracles! 

On Tuesday our whole district (Us and the elders) went to the Carlos Barbosa to help the sisters there! We were able to find tons of great people and mark a few baptism dates! Later that day when we went to stay at the Sisters apartment (the elders went home) we made churros and chocolate pastels which are like fried chocolate tacos! On Thursday my comp and I went to Porto Alegre and back! I renewed my visa and I am here to stay! None of that deporting business for me! BLESS UP 

This week we also started teaching Osmar!  We contacted him in the street. We taught him on Wednesday, marked a baptism date and left a Book of Mormon for him to read. He understood everything and was really pumped to go and pray to ask God. He's about 50 years old and lives with his 20 year old son. On Saturday we went back to follow up and teach the 2nd lesson! We brought a member couple with us and LEMME TELL YOU GUYS OSMAR IS GOLDEN!

The second lesson we taught about baptism for the dead. While teaching the lesson when we arrived at the spirit world he asked about baptisms for the dead, hahaha in Portuguese baptisms for the dead is confusing because of and from is the same word so it’s like we're saying baptisms from the dead---anyway we cleared that up for him and he is so excited to do baptisms for his deceased family! BUT THE BEST PART IS YET TO COME--we asked him how his prayer went and he answered "Well I prayed and I read a bit of your book and then I laid down here on that sofa and I had a dream" Meanwhile I’m just thinking "oh dream answers--this is gonna break it or make it" and he goes on and says "and in the dream a man came up do me and said "The time has come for you to follow the Savior" YALL THE SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG! He's getting baptized the 29th and when he went to church yesterday he said "I’m getting baptized on the 29th right?" WE ARE SO PUMPED 

Also Muriel, y’all remember Muriel right, the kid that is 11 years old and got baptized a few weeks ago? Lemme tell you that kid is GOLDEN! We're teaching him the Book of Mormon stories and on Friday we showed him the picture of Samuel the Lamanite and he said "Sister I think Samuel died, do you see those arrows?" Anyway we left the chapter with him to read and yesterday at church he leaned over and whispered to me during sacrament meeting "SISTER SAMUEL DIDNT DIE" My heart just melted. He gets to church at 7 o'clock every Sunday and goes to all the activities for both wards. There aren’t many 11 year old boys like Muriel in the world! 

We're also planning an activity for the ward about the BOM--we made videos and sent them to radio hosts and sent them to the whole ward. They better show up. 

joke of the week
Sister de Paula "Sister do you know why the sky is blue?"
Me *not knowing is a joke* "I dunno something about science and oxygen I think"
Sister de Paula "Its because heavenly father is a boy!"

The jokes are getting a little dry here in Bento--feel free to send me an email with your favorite!

Love you guys

Sister Jolley