Friday, March 31, 2017


This week was really great and we saw and had tons of miracles! 

I don't have much time so I'll tell you guys one of them!
So here in Bento we've been having a lot of trouble bringing our investigators to church and if you don't bring anyone to church no one gets baptized! So it's been a bit of a problem. This whole entire week we worked and worked to have 8 people at church and all the recent converts and Saturday night at 9:30 everyone had confirmed that they would be there and had car rides but then at about 8 am the next day the phone calls started rolling in and from headaches to a death in the family we got just about every excuse and we arrived at church and just had one investigator and I was so incredibly disappointed and I just thought well I did my best, I can't make people come to church. Well after sacrament meeting was over it turned out that there were some members that brought friends to church (which never happens) and the elders ended up bringing people to their ward that actually live in our ward. I felt so incredibly blessed, after we do all that we can do the Lord always makes up the difference when we are worthy and makes miracles happen.

This is Sister Monetecinos last week so tomorrow we're going to the temple! It's different having a companion that's getting ready to go home but it has it benefits!

Have a great week!

Sister Jolley