Saturday, March 4, 2017

Bento Bento Bento

Alrighty ya'll this week was full ups and downs...literally 
hills and hills and when you think that you've finished climbing up one you go down and then you're going up again. Some of the hills are so steep that there are stairs on the side. TÀ LOUCO ISSO!! I'll send pictures next week! 

My companion is sister Montecinos from Chile! She's on her last transfer YIKES
She is also the shortest missionary in the mission!! haha She's really funny. 

The ward I'm serving in is really great! They just divided the ward a few months back and want to divide again in a year or so, so they are really pushing missionary work! I'm way excited, its so great when the ward wants to help!

I love being a missionary and helping others see the love of Christ and watching them change as they start to repent and move their lives! It's amazing and it's a miracle.

Have a great week

Love you guys

Sister Jolley 

photo---face masks!!