Saturday, March 11, 2017


Alrighty y'all! This week was full of traveling! and climbing hills! 

We had our leadership meeting this week in Porto Alegre and lemme tell you I learned a ton, we came up with lots of ideas of how we can help the missionarios hasten the work and help more people have the opportunity to accept the gospel and return to live with Heavenly Father.

Then on Friday we gave a training to our zone here and it was really great, so great that it went overtime and we missed our bus and got back to our area at 6 at night so we spent the rest of the weekend working like crazy to try and make up for it. 

We're preparing Muriel to be baptized this Saturday! He's been going to church to 2 months all by himself and he is just 11 years old! He's so great and the whole ward loves him!  It'll all work out! TEMOS FÈ 

line of the week
Elder "Sister Jolley the letters on your nametag are turning yellow"
Me "Really?" 
Elder "I just don't believe it, I saw you on the first day you were here in Porto Alegre. How long have you been out?"
Me "10 months"
Elder "I've been out for here for 18 months and my nametag is still really white"

Also this week I ran up the steepest hill in Bento and almost died, but I did it and my comp took a video 

Have a great week!

Next week I'll write a better letter lolz

Sister Jolley 

ps this letter was bad cuz I spent all week on a bus, alright?