Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Alrighty y'all I'll start my email with a call I got from President yesterday morning.
 we were just chatting a bit and then he asked "Sister how are your knees?" 
and I replied "President I don't have knee problems" 
"And how are your feet?"
"But President I don't have feet problems"
"That's good Sister because you're being transferred to BENTO GONÇALVES where there are a lot of really steep hills"

SO I GOT TRANSFERRED AND I'M LEAVING NEOPOLIS, tears but what can you do? I'm really excited about my new area though! 

So this week we went to the temple to do baptisms with LAIS! It was so incredibly amazing! And there were so many miracles that happened to get us there. We went on Friday, and on Friday Laís didn't have a recommend yet but the Bishop here who is an angel jumped through many hoops to make it work and then we went to eat a bit of lunch and then catch our bus. We got a ride to our bus stop and when we got there Laís realized that she had forgotten her recommend and we were really far from her house and the bus was aboutta pass by in about 15 mins. So we called a sister in our ward who left everything she was doing to find Laís' recommend and get it to us in 10 minutes flat! and then when we got to the temple they told us that that baptistry wasn't open. If only they knew how much sacrifice we had to get the temple that afternoon. But I wasn't gonna give up easy, and in the end we had a beautiful experience in the temple and the temple president and his counselor came and talked with us! MIRACLES ARE REAL Y'ALL

Also this week my comp and I cut the grass of one of our investigators and Ill tell y'all I knew she didn't have much faith in me when I volunteered to cut her grass but after she said, "wow Sister Jolley you cut grass so well and so fast!" HA if only she knew how many times I've cut grass in my life

Have a great week

Love you guys!!

Sister Jolley