Thursday, November 3, 2016

Didn't you want a certificate signed BY THE PROPHET

Oi Familia!

So I GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE THIS WEEK!!! which was literally the best and also why I'm writing you guys today! 

This last week was a little crazy because one of the sisters that I live with (Sister Santos) was sicker than a dog y'all. You can't even imagine, and so we spent a lot of time trying to make sure she didn't die HAHA JOKES but it was rough lemme tell you.

ALSO this week our water got turned off 3 times for 1.5 days so we spent most of the week without water.

ALSO We're dying of heat here-- I live with 2 Brasilians that are from Northern Brasil and all they say is "I've never imagined a heat this terrible."

When things get rough we just say "Didn't you want a certificate signed BY THE PROPHET?? Well now deal with it" (we all get a little paper signed by the prophet saying we're missionaries)  and just laugh and laugh at the situation 
But the best part is Sunday night when I was staying in with Sister Santos, out of nowhere she said "Sister Jolley, I actually didn't want a certificate signed by the prophet. I want to baptize people" BAHHHH I TRIED SO HARD NOT TO LAUGH-- we still haven't explained the joke. Irony is rough for some.
But on a high note, we have some great investigators! Training is not a joke y'all by the way- but things are going well! Sister Lima is FANTASTIC! I love her to pieces and we just pass the day laughing and trying not to die of heat stroke (my watch tan is KILLER) 

Also my make up is officially useless- I'm so much darker than my foundation and I left the bathroom with some foundation on,  cuz yours truly is suffering an acne attack and they all told me I looked like a ghost. So there's that BUT I WANTED A CERTIFICATE SIGNED BY THE PROPHET--SO I'M DEALING WITH IT FAM.

Man, mission life is literally the best, in the words of my dear trainee 
"Sister Jolley I'm much happier than I was last week, because last week I didn't know what mission life was."
"What's mission life?"
"It's when all the appointments fall through, and then it rains, and your feet have tons of blisters, and you spend all day lost, and when you get home and can't take a shower cuz the waters off, and well I think that only missionaries could be happy in this situation."

Man, missionary life is literally the best! because we know what our purpose is, and when you're on the Lord's errand nothing can take you down. This week I'll hit 6 months and I've already started crying. Time flies. I love Brasil and the people here! and I love being a missionary.

I love serving here in Neopolis. It's literally heaven despite all other stuff cuz the ward is the Legit all they wanna do is help the sisters- well not exactly but pretty much. The bishop is the best and we're teaching some friends of his family right now.

We had lunch this week at this member's home, much better than last P day

ALSO Y'ALL I gave a 10 minute talk at church this week and this week someone asked me what part of Brasil I was from. PORTUGESE IS COMING ALONG 

Have a great week!

Much love
Sister Jolley