Sunday, November 27, 2016

The third language

Alright people! This week was absolutely full of miracles! The Lord is sending so many blessings to our area!!! And I'm so excited and so humbled! 

On Saturday we  went to eat lunch at a the home of a part member family, and the bishop had asked me to begin teaching the husband because homeboy needs to get baptized. Anyway we showed up and some miracles happened but I'm short on time so I'll cut to the good stuff. HOMEBOY ASKED US TO TEACH HIM, TOLD US HE WANTED TO GET BAPTIZED ASAP AND I'M JUST FLOORED Y'ALL. The only problem is he likes to drink, but we'll get that cleared up. ALSO IF THE WEEK COULDN'T GET BETTER OUR OTHER INVESTIGATOR HASN'T SMOKED SINCE TUESDAY. Y'ALL HOMEBOY WAS SMOKING A PACK A DAY 30 DAYS AGO. MIRACLES ARE SO REAL. AND HE WANTS TO GET BAPTIZED TOO!!! 

Also the ward I'm serving in is really special, in the past 6 months the missionaries here have baptized 4 deaf converts! And on Saturday one more was baptized! It was super spiritual! He was baptized by another convert who is deaf and it was all in sign language! So GUESS WHAT? I'm learning sign language now! And next week I'm gonna translate the gospel principles class!!! 

so I had a lot more typed up the computer erased it all :(
but have a fantastic week!

com amor,
Sister Jolley