Thursday, November 17, 2016


ALRIGHTY FAMILY AND FRIENDS Y'ALL DON'T EVEN WANNA KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I GOT ASKED ABOUT DONALD TRUMP- or as the Brasilians say it "Trumpy" it's really funny. And every time I got asked I remembered that line in the Missionary Handbook that talks about how we cant talk about politics- so in the end I just told everybody that I didn't know anything- which is pretty much true. 

But on the other hand this week was really great! My comp and I are in heaven! or as we always say it "Neopolis é o ceu" The members here are fantastic.

 Highlights of the week

Took a bath in the rain this week! 
Had pancakes and syrup at our district meeting--thanks mom!
Went to a baby shower and gave a message about eternal families
Sang a solo at a baptism service

This week when we asked our investigator how his day was he answered "It's not worth it to complain" and pretty much that's the line of the week here- we just say it all the time when life gets rough and laugh and laugh and get to work! 

The work is moving forward here in Neopolis and we're seeing miracles everyday!!! ​​
I've been studying Ether 12 a lot this week and it's the! 

Have a killer week

Sister Jolley