Friday, June 3, 2016


Hey Yall!!!

The weeks are going by so fast now, I can't believe I've been here for one whole month! I also can't believe that my whole life has been confined to one building for one month, the MTC is high key starting to feel like a prison. 

Last P Day we went out in the rua (pronounced whoo-a, probably my favorite word) and got some açai with our instructors-- the açai here is the bomb. com and I'm in love. It was way more fun to go out in the rua with people who actually know what's going on, because our district is usually just low key lost at all times-- good times. Speaking of our district, a bunch of Americans left last week so our Branch, Zone and District consist of the same 6 people, and we're all sisters. It's pretty much the best cuz elders are beyond annoying- not sure why, but they sure are.

I have splits (where I work with a different companion) three times a week for a few hours and I have a Brazilian comp-- she's the best! She's from Uruguay but speaks Portuguese teaches sooooo well. When I taught I informed our investigator that good people go to spirit prison and bad people to spirit paradise...whoops...Lost in translation everyday. I figured it out though (probably because our investigator laughed) and tried to fix it, oh well.

When my comp and I were teaching Lucia, (our other investigator) we tried to read the ten commandments but we forgot to mark the verses in our Portuguese bibles. I accidentally had my comp read Exodus 20:18 out loud-- go give it a read, it's pretty funny. Our poor investigator (who is actually our instructor) tried to keep a straight face, but it was a lost cause.

ALSO I'M PUMPED BECAUSE TOMORROW TAD R. CALLISTER ( a leader in the church) IS COMING TO THE MTC, and I'm leading the music, which is not usually a problem, but the hymns are in Portuguese and it gets a little rough sometimes.

I love being a missionary. It's such a humbling experience to wear Christ's name every single day. I'm learning so much and I see miracles in my progress as a person and with Portuguese every single day. 

Phrase of the week:
We're basically nuns with a expiration date

Some Brazilians tried to learn hymns in English and this was the result:
"I will go, I will do the things the Lord condemns" 
sung quite loudly in the halls
(it's supposed to be "the things the Lord commands") 
HAHAHA I bet they all laugh at us all the time too

Love ya,
Sister Jolley

We have been asked to speak in just Portuguese now and I spend most of the day trying to translate my thoughts in my head. Pretty much a recipe for a constant headache...hahaha oh well