Tuesday, June 21, 2016

always lost


I left the MTC on Tuesday morning and arrived in Porto Alegre, stayed there for 2 nights and came to my very first area, Venancia Aires, on Thursday morning! My trainer's name is Sister Portilho and she is so sweet. She's been out for 7 months and I'm the first person she's trained, which is way cool. There are 2 companionships here in Venancia Aires, and we share an apartment. ALSO WE ARE OPENING THIS AREA WHICH IS WAY COOL!!! But let me tell ya when we arrived at our apartment the place was hardly fit to live in, so we cleaned and cleaned all of the apartment for a whole day, it was the worst. But now it's better and we have been knocking doors for 3 days now and have a bunch of new investigators.

BUT since we're opening the area, my comp hasn't a clue where anything is and neither do I, so we went and bought a map, brought it back home, and starting planning and 3 minutes in my comp said--I don't know how to read maps, sorry. You're gonna have to be the captain-- And all of the sudden I was taken back to that lesson I had in 2nd grade geography about how to read maps--shame I didn't pay more attention really cuz WE ARE LOST ALL THE TIME--NO JOKE Lowkey stressful and it doesn't help that half the streets don't have signs but it's all an adventure, right? 

The Portuguese is coming along as quickly as I think it possibly could...I understand almost everything and can get my point across. But my comp has a really really thick northern accent and it makes it hard to understand sometimes, but it just makes for funner times right?? haha that's what I tell myself at least--somethings will just always get lost in translation no matter how hard I try, haha

We knocked on a door and this guy let us in--this was abbouttta be my very first real lesson.
So we introduced ourselves and sat in his front yard and my comp started teaching the restoration and lemme tell ya that accent of her's gets me sometimes and she was speaking soooo fast so I kinda lost track of the conversation and then this guy's cats started having a fight in his front yard, which was way more interesting than the garbled Portuguese. Anyway, all the sudden it got quiet and I realized that my comp had asked me to share something, but I hadn't a clue what I was supposed to share so I just bore my testimony real quick and hoped for the best--I feel like what I said wasn't exactly what my comp was hoping for cuz for the next 3 people we taught she didn't invite me to share any thoughts--LOST IN TRANSLATION EVERYDAY

Line of the week
*after we found out how much money we get for food*
One of the trainers said: 
Sister listen, we dont have food
other trainer: but we can buy food
other trainer: Yeah but we never have money

love you guys,

Sister Jolley