Sunday, June 12, 2016



I LEAVE FOR THE REAL DEAL, THE FIELD IN 3 DAYS!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited but also lowkey nervous cuz English is about to be a far off dream, haha I'll make it...I hope. But the actual scary part is after we arrive at the Mission home and get our area assignment we HAVE TO RIDE A BUS ALONE THERE. So if you don't hear from me ever again it's cuz I got lost in Brazil...

But on the bright side we had 3 general authorities come to the CTM, Elder Tad R Callister, President Holmes and Elder Mazzagardi . It was way cool and I led the music during the devotional we had with Elder Tad R Callister and it actually went alright! Haha I was way worried about it. But the actual exciting thing was when Elder Mazzagardi spoke, he spoke in Port. and I didn't use headphones for translation and I took notes in Port. MIRACLES GUYS STRAIGHT MIRACLES. 

Also we went proselyting and it was soooo much fun!! All the people laughed at our accents, and a lot of people told us we sounded German, haha. I also denied 3 different guys hugs (my first iron hand experience lolz) and another guy kissed my hand cuz he couldn't kiss my cheek!! LOLZ I WAS DYING

On P Day Sao Paulo graced us with a downpour as we were walking na rua and within 10 mins it looked like I'd stepped out of the shower...JOY...maybe next time I'll take my shampoo and just have a quick shower JOKING but for real I was so wet. No joke.

Being a missionary is so amazing, I love testifying of Christ (and I can't wait to do it in the field every day), and it's such a humbling experience to wear His name every single day. I have learned so much in just 6 weeks here.

love you guys,
Sister Jolley