Tuesday, July 5, 2016



This week flew by just like they always seem to --today marks 2 months in the mission and I honestly don't believe it. As for the Portuguese 2 months later I'm doing pretty good with it, I understand almost everything but my problem is it's really hard for me to understand old people and probably 60% of the people we teach are old people. So,I'm lowkey still lost during the lessons and it doesn't help that old people lovvvveeee to ramble on and lemme tell ya these old folks can ramble--one day i'll get it, y'all, one day

Also in other news, when I arrived here in Venancio Aires and took my first shower it was killer cold- oh man it was cold- but I just thought "well if this is it then I'm ready to take on cold showers for 18 months" and I took a absolutely freeeezing shower everyday until this last week when my comp left the bathroom and I saw steam and I thought there is no way I've been suffering for 2 weeks when you actually can have hot showers!?!?!?!?? Anyway my comp gave me a tutorial and life is much better now to say the least--BLESS UP FAM HOT SHOWERS FOR DAYSSSS

Also when I arrived at the CTM I somehow got stuck with the top bunk- I'm not sure how but it happened and I just thought "well the field will be better," cuz not gonna lie, the top bunk lost its charm probs 10 years ago. But I'm here to tell you that somehow I ended up on the top bunk again. So if y'all ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed, just be glad you don't have to climb down a ladder before your feet hit the floor. 

THIS WEEK I FELT FAMOUS THOUGH so we tracted into this family and taught their daughter (she's 12) the Restoration and after I spoke she stopped me and said "I've never talked with an American before" and then after the lesson was over she asked FOR A PICTURE WITH ME!! GET READY Y'ALL I'LL BE SELLING MY AUTOGRAPH SOON--BE GLAD YA KNEW ME BEFORE I WAS FAMOUS (and if you want me to remember you when I'm rich and famous, write me next week? kk thanks) 

This week I learned a lot about agency cuz todo mundo flaked and our investigators decided church wasn't such a fun idea after all--we'll get them next week, right??
Also this week my testimony of families grew soooo muchh. We taught this woman and her husband about the Plan of Salvation and the reality of eternal families- todo mundo cried- the Spirit was so strong, I love them so much and I hope they continue to progress and get baptized!!! Anyways shout out to my fam for being great. love y'all. 

Fun fact about Brasil-
They have scales to weigh yourself in public places and it's totally normal to do it-- my brasilian comp does it at least once a week- not gonna lie, I'm not ready for that sorta public display of my weight- maybe next transfer?? lolz

Quote of the week
Sister Nelson "is it easier to understand my Portuguese now?"
Sister F. Oliveira "sorry I didn't understand"

Quote of the week part 2
Sister Portilho "Sister, I think you've gained weight"
Me *blank stare* "really?"
Sister Portilho "really"
so instead of pics from the waist up it might just be shoulders and up--also another reason Im not aboutta weigh myself in public-- haha life moves on amiright?

love y'all
Sister Jolley