Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day

 Happy Mother's Day Mom! 

So this week was filled with exciting stuff! We are teaching lotsa of great people and preparing for some really special baptisms here in Campo Bom. Campo Bom is a little branch in the middle of almost nowhere, and for the first time in my mission we don't have a Chapel, just a rented house. Its kinda funny but actually pretty normal here in Brazil when you just have a Branch. The sacrament meetings are held in the garage! LOLZ.  

We've started teaching a lot of people from Haiti and the language barrier is a little difficult but they love going to church and bring all their  friends. The last 2 rows of the chapel garage were our favorite Haitians and their friends. My favorite was when we asked one of them if he knew what commandment meant and he said "drink water" Its a learning process this Portuguese, its not easy for anyone. 

This week we taught a Lawyer, it was really interesting. I'm used to teaching preachers so a lawyer was a good change. He is real interesting and was real happy to read the Book of Mormon, so we'll see how that goes! We also are teaching some really cool couples that are LEGALLY MARRIED for a change so that is fantastic.

This week sister Hannah and I learned 50 different ways how to arrive at our first appointment and will be starting up a map reading class! We walked 5 miles in the process and I'm not just guessing because Sister Hannah uses a fit-bit! CALVES FOR DAYS Y'ALL, Nothing like getting lost to lose the mission weight. 

love you guys!

read your scriptures 
say your prayers
also shout out to my younger sister Sarah for getting baptized this week! Read Luke 12:50 Jesus is happy for you!

Sister Jolley

also pictures are gonna be rough because our internet cafe literally uses computers from the dark ages