Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Mountain Climbing

Hi everybody!!!!

This week was so great! We saw tons of miracles in our area and we got blessed with lotsa rain so it was way less hot! BLESS UP! But this week it'll be straight humidity so you know, that'll be way fun. 

But lemme tell you about one of these miracles. So my comp and I were leaving lunch with a day full of appointments in another neighborhood and my comp said Sister, lets go knock doors right here, so we moved our plans and started knocking and knocking and knocking and knocking (it's not new news to knock doors but just to let you guys know we were really knocking doors) and at the end of the street, 3 streets over we knocked at a little orange house and this grandma came out and just started saying "the sisters, the sisters, are you guys really the sisters? come in, come in." So we went right in, and turns out this lady is a member from another stake that was visiting her family for Christmas and didn't know where the church was and said she had been praying and praying for a way to go to church this week and we were sent there to help her. It turns out that her son that lives there is less active and his wife is interested in the church and we gave a lesson to the Grandma and 2 grandkids (the parents weren't home) and marked baptism dates with them and they are all so excited. It is so important to listen to the whispers of the spirit because when we do the miracles just come running! I'm so grateful for a companion that was tuned in and that we were able to help this family!

Highlights of the week
Sister Santos took a great fall and rolled down a hill (sad that I wasn't there to see it but from what I hear it was great) so we've had a great week playing nurse.
We've eaten soooo much churrasco this week! We had dinner at a members house (holla for dinner cuz it's rare here) on New Years Eve and it was a fantastic churrasco. We had churrasco for Christmas Eve, for Christmas, and today!
Today, we had P day with our whole zone and President and Sister Campos and their family and we climbed this mountain and took tons of photos and it was so beautiful and it was legit.


Have a great week
Love you guys
Sister Jolley