Thursday, October 20, 2016

Rat in the house!!

and sadly my last week here. I've been transferred. AND THAT'S NOT ALL Yesterday President Campos called and told me that I'm gonna train! AGHHHH--THIS IS CRAZY Y'ALL. And I don't know where I've been transferred to or who my comp is. But I'm pretty sure I'm opening a new area as well.

But this week actually was really good! We found a bunch of new investigators who are so prepared! We have one new one, and boy that guy is a TRIP Y'ALL A STRAIGHT TRIP! LEMME TELL YOU HOW WE FOUND HIM--OR ACTUALLY HOW HE FOUND US! He saw the other sisters in the street and went up and talked to them asking them to visit him, but he actually lives in our area. So the sisters got his number, called me and told me that I needed to drop all my planning and visit this man who was literally dying to hear about the gospel. Well, the number he gave them was incorrect and I wasn't able to talk to him to set up an appointment. WELL homeboy realized that he gave us the wrong number so an hour later HE GOT ON HIS BIKE AND WENT KNOCKING DOORS to find the other sisters and give them the right number! WOWE FAM- so the sisters called us and gave us the right number and we went to go teach him. Wowe what a lesson!

So we arrive there he has some chairs on his patio and one of them looks a little weak, ya know, so I whisper to Sister Clark "you sit there cuz you weigh less!" and we start the lesson and he seats us, goes inside, and brings back 7 BIBLES, SEVEN GUYS, and tells us how each one is important and all sorts of stuff. He's way religious, obviously, but he has a lot of wrong ideas about God cuz homeboy's been interpreting the Bible way wrong. He thought he was a prophet. And all I could think was "oh my oh my not another one, teaching false prophets is such a trial" so there I was trying to help this poor guy understand that he actually isn't a prophet AND ALL THE SUDDEN SISTER CLARK'S CHAIR BREAKS!!! BAHHHHHHH MAN IT WAS HILARIOUS. I was just trying not to laugh but Sister Clark was done with this lesson, man oh man was she done, so she just stands up and says "We have another appointment right now! We need to go" and I try and tell her to sit down but she doesn't have a chair anymore. So the guy goes and gets another chair all the while saying things like "Bah, you're a little heavy, huh?" MAN OH MAN IT WAS TOO MUCH.  

Anyway, when we were all seated again I just bore a quick testimony and set up another appointment for the next day and invited him to say the closing prayer. Well this guy doesn't just say a prayer--he has TODO MUNDO stand up, hold hands,  and then starts this prayer, literally full of apostasy y'all, and then all the sudden the PLAGUES OF MOSES COME AND ATTACK SISTER CLARK-- well actually just a medium sized bug- but you would've thought it was the plagues of Moses cuz she starts flailing her arms and stuff and man I nearly died trying not to laugh. Anyway the next day we returned and set homeboy straight and now he's doing much better and is reading the Book of Mormon and progressing quite nicely. But every time we return he makes some comment about the chair or breaking the chair, or 'being heavy" BAHHH IT''S TOO MUCH

On the other hand, Sister Clark and I have been hit with a plague of acne which Sister Da Silva has ever so kindly taken to naming some of them-
Sister Da Silva- "What's that in between your eyebrows?"
Me "A ZIT"
Sister Da Silva "Bahh Sister, looks like Mt Sinai"

In other news, I cleaned out Sister Clark's hairbrush for her and made a pet rat!