Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Alright y'all! This was just another fantastic week in the Porto Alegre Norte Mission! 

I'm running really short on time today so you'll get the highlights of the highlights! 

1. We found an investigator who is legally married (honestly this never happens) and who told us that he's catholic BUT he knows that the Catholic church is not the same church that Jesus Christ established, and homeboy said this all by himself. I nearly fell off the sofa y'all! The Lord really prepares people to hear the gospel!

2. We got a new Branch Mission Leader and life is aboutta get real great! Y'all cant even imagine! Legit so pumped about this.

3. Sister Clark and I are really taking to heart the counsel in the white bible (missionary handbook) about "attractive shoes" see the pic! LOLZ MY FORMER SELF WOULD DIE

Crocs all day, every day

4. It rained a couple of times this week and yep we didn't have our umbrellas so we got real wet but miracles of miracles we still ended up with a lot of lessons and one dear lady, while sitting on her porch yelled "Girls it's raining!" HA as if we didn't already know! 

5. Taught a man who thought he was a prophet--really rocked his boat to know that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet. The truth is hard sometimes y'all 

6. Also here's a sneak peak into the reality of the mirror situation in my life. It's weird to never actually see yourself. 

Life is great here on the other side of the world--and my 3rd transfer has just about finished up! Which is actually really sad-- time flies--

have a great week!
Sister Jolley