Wednesday, September 21, 2016



Here in Venancio Aires things are going well! This week was great cuz 
1) I found oatmeal in the grocery store for the first time since I got to Brasil! 
2) Sister Clark has maple flavoring so at our last District meeting we made pancakes! 
3) Elder Rais of the Area Seventy visited our mission and it was LEGIT THE BEST THING EVER! LEARNED TONS FROM THAT GUY. ALSO HE'S HILARIOUS.
He visited us on Friday so everyone went to Porto Alegre and it was the first time the whole mission has been together! (ALSO IT MEANT I GOT TO SEE SISTER COREY WHICH WAS THE BEST!!!) Our zone took a van there, and here in Brasil you gotta have an ID to ride these vans. And Sister Clark and McCandless forgot their IDs and there we were walking to the bus station and suddenly they remember (it's 6am mind you) and were running late (not a surprise) and in the end Sister Cark and I ended up running back to our apartment which is actually pretty far and we were fasting as well but we got the IDs and made it to Porto Alegre in time so it's all good! One thing I really liked that Elder Rais said is for everyone to think about the question "what am I doing today that I need to stop doing?" and "what am I not doing today that I need to start doing?" It's really important that we are constantly evaluating ourselves and repenting so that we can be the best people we can possibly be! 
This week was a little rough cuz we ended up cutting almost all of our investigators and we're starting out new this week. But I know that there are people out there waiting- and Sister Clark and I will find them!! 

Also I got to use some of my first aid skills I didn't even know I had this week! (Katana I needed you!) We were meeting up with the other sisters to go to our lunch appointment and one of them was in the act of fainting as we arrived and yours truly brought her back. BLESS UP Y'ALL

Also I don't think I'll be able to send all my way legit and cool pics cuz this computer is real sad, so sit tight and wait for next week y'all.

quote of the week
Sister Clark "I need healthier food"
We found a bakery last week and its a taking a bit of a toll y'all- whoops...

Also to all y'all suffering in school, go read Ecclesiastes 12:12 

love you guys!
Sister Jolley