Monday, September 19, 2016

"i want to vomit"


It started out with Sister Portilho leaving which was actually really sad but I got Sister Clark in exchange and she is the! But we both has the same time out here in the field so sometimes we're lacking in the Portuguese part of life but it's all good! 

Sister Clark and I have honestly been so blessed and we've found so many people prepared to accept the gospel this week! We found one family, a mom and a son and they are honestly the greatest! Our first lesson there was fantastic and as we left they told us that the night before the son had been talking with his mom and told her, "I want to be happy but I don't know how. I want God to send me angels to tell me how," and the next day WE SHOWED UP! MIRACLES FAM MIRACLES.  The mom is super caring and feeds us and has the best questions and one night we were there and it was almost 9 o'clock and she lives on the other side of town and HOMEGIRL CALLED A TAXI AND WE MADE IT HOME BEFORE 9- BLESS UP FAM-

Also I think I've worked poor Sister Clark to the bone, we walk a lot here in Venancio (like legit 20 miles some days- not exaggerating) and today she bought new shoes! Haha and we've started running in the morning cuz beans and rice don't do good things for the waistline. We'll see if we make it out of Venancio alive! 

ALSO Y'ALL ELDER NEIL A. ANDERSON  CAME TO OUR MISSION AND GAVE A BOM.COM DEVO AND IT WAS THE BEST. Elder Anderson is a member of the quorum of the twelve apostles. Sadly we didn't get to see it in person cuz there wasn't space for todo mundo in Porto Alegre. So our whole zone traveled to Caxias do Sul and watched it there and after our Zone Leaders made us lunch. It was really good! and Sister Clark and I brought banana bread and it was a hit! One thing I really liked that Elder Anderson said was, "if a person is not honest they cannot progress spiritually. It is impossible," in short- honesty is way important y'all! 

Quote of the week
*during the Sister Clark's first lunch appointment with me and the other sisters here in Venancio*
Sister Clark *trying to tell the member that she was full* "I'm full and if I eat more I think I'll throw up."
Member "what?"
Sister Clark "I want to vomit"
My goodness I don't think I've ever laughed so hard during a lunch appointment. Portuguese is a struggle y'all-LOST IN TRANSLATION ALL DAY EVERYDAY

quote of the week part 2 
Me *reading John 3:5 (go read it)*
Investigator- "I don't think I can enter the kingdom of God anyway, the Bible says the gate is narrow and I'm fat. I won't fit"

Anyway I loving being a missionary and I see God working miracles here in Venancio everyday. I love my Savior and I know He lives and answers our prayers!

Sister Jolley