Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Choir


So my comp hit 9 months this week and the other companionship and I made a great surprise to celebrate. Honestly it's so hard to hide something from your comp cuz legit it's 24/7 together but we did it and I don't think anyone was ever so surprised! 

Also fun fact about my comp- she loves to sing, and she sings hymns all the time, and sings them in the street and at home and just everywhere. She also makes us sing for our investigators and every day for comp study. BUT the thing is she really can't sing well. And I've never said anything but there have been more times than one when things get a bit (okay a lot) off key while we sing to our investigators and I wonder if they actually feel the Spirit or think this is some kind of torture. ANYWAY the other day, while she was singing, Sister F. Oliveira asked if she had ever been in a choir. OH MAN IT KILLED ME. And she replied "yes" and then she asked if she had to audition to get into the choir and my comp responded "Look sister, Jesus never excluded anyone and neither did my choir" OH MAN I DIED. AND GUESS WHAT- we still sing for our investigators...oh man

This week I went on splits with the sister training leaders and it was legit- knocked down those doors and todo mundo is aboutta get baptized! The splits weren't in my area so none of the investigators were mine. Haha anyway, I learned a ton from them!

Have a great week!!
Sister Jolley

This is Camila! We baptized her last week. She is 15 and she's the best.