Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Kids scissors

OKAY Y'ALL THIS WEEK WAS THE BOM.COM CUZ WE HAD A ZONE CONFERENCE WITH THE MISSION PRESIDENT AND SISTER CAMPOS AND IT WAS LEGIT THE BEST. Man, President Campos is literally the best. He based his training off the talk by Tad R. Callister titled "How to Become a Consecrated Missionary" and the funny thing is I read that talk like 3 times this week before the training (not knowing the training would be based off the talk). And honestly I love that talk- 10/10 would recommend for todo mundo. 

Then after the zone conference all the sisters had lunch with President and Sister Campos at the cutest restaurant. AND GUESS WHAT? THEY HAD THAT DESSERT THAT HAS WINE IN IT- AND GUESS WHAT I DIDN'T EAT IT. But President Campos reminded everyone that we couldn't eat it and then some sister who will remain unnamed *cough cough* Sister Nelson decided it would be a good idea to let President know that I had had some that one time before I knew it had wine and legit that man's jaw dropped to the basement- so there's that. Anyways after lunch we had interviews as well and mine went just fine and President didn't ask me anymore about my wine bibber problems (BLESS UP) so hopefully he forgets cuz I already repented! 

But about food problems- ALL 4 OF US GOT FOOD POISONING ON THURSDAY AND I THREW UP 2 TIMES IN THE STREET AND IT WAS LEGIT THE WORST. Honestly I don't think my stomach has ever been in so much pain.

ALSO I'm aboutta become a part time hair dresser cuz yours truly cut Sister F. Oliveira's hair this week--with kids scissors y'all-- KIDS SCISSORS GUYS-- Considering the circumstances I think it turned out well, lolz

 AND THIS WEEK WAS ALSO LEGIT CUZ THE CAMILA'S BROTHER WAS BAPTIZED AND IT WAS SO GREAT! We had a baptismal service for the whole zone in Santa Cruz after District Conference. It was way spiritual, and all the missionaries sang "I Feel the Saviors Love." 

Love you guys!!!
Sister Jolley