Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Week of Adam

oiiiiiiiiiii fam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this week was, well it was a week, but it was still a good week, cuz every week as a missionary is a good week, right? That's what I tell myself when everyone falls through, I didn't think it was possible for plan A, plan B, and plan C to fall through. But, I can testify that it's possible because it happened everyday this week. When it falls through, it really falls through BUT MIRACLES ARE STILL REAL AND THE WORK IS GOING FORWARD HERE CUZ WE FOUND THIS FAMILY AND I'M WAY PUMPED BUT I'M NOT GONNA SAY ANYMORE CUZ I DON'T WANNA JINX IT

Okay but last Monday the funniest thing happened--so on Friday we were in Porto Alegre and we ran into some elders at the bus stop and we were talking with them and one of the elders told us how he's been out for 18 months but has never been the district leader for sisters before  (2 or more companionship make up a district and the district leader takes care of the district and makes sure todo mundo is happy and working and stuff) and GUESS WHAT TRANSFERS CAME AND HE'S OUR NEW DISTRICT LEADER. So when he called us on Monday (it was 9:40 and we have to be home at 9) he introduced himself and all of the sudden Sister F Oliveira and I had a fantastic idea, we were doing each others eyebrows (BLESS UP cuz mine were scaring people I'm sure) and decided to tell him we were actually at the beauty salon and to call us back later...oh man his voice changed and he said "Sister! it's past 9:30, you have to be home" "Elder, we can't leave. But we'll try and leave a message with her, ya know" Oh man it was hilarious, he actually believed us a for a few minutes.

I think the whole idea of having sisters in his district is a bit much for him...he called on Saturday to see if he was gonna come and give a baptismal interview for one of our investigators, but actually we ended up discontinuing her instead and it was the worst and he called and Sister Portilho and I were crying in the street. I don't think he's ever talked to a crying female before lolz and he called us again and then he must've called the zone leaders cuz  later they called us and todo mundo was way worried about us. Anyway I cant even imagine what his opinion of sister missionaries is now lolz....

Everyone down here really loves BYU stuff. Shout out to all those free shirts I got freshman year.
ALSO SO I'VE FASTED EVERY WEEK OF JULY AND EVERYONE WHO KNOWS ME KNOWS I HATE FASTING....SO if that hasn't been a trial of faith I don't know what is. ALSO WHY DID JULY HAVE TO HAVE 5 WEEKS??? So after the 2nd time fasting, I finally told my comp that I actually don't like fasting very much and every subsequent week afterwards she suggested we fast, in zone conferences, district meetings, and if all else fails a companionship fast- WOWE LEMME TELL Y'ALL I'VE GOT A TESTIMONY OF FASTING NOW AND I DON'T HATE IT ANYMORE CUZ FASTING BRINGS MIRACLES but every week is a low blow, honestly. AND I HAD HIGH HOPES FOR THIS WEEK, BUT I'M CERTAIN WE WILL FAST AGAIN CUZ GUESS WHAT IT'S FAST SUNDAY. Also I'm convinced that God has a sense of humor cuz everyday during personal study, I flip open to a scripture about fasting. SMH.

Sister F. Oliveira: "Oi Sister, I found the scripture of Venancio Aires"
Me "Which one?"
Sister F. Oliveira "Alma 8:8"
Me "Ahh actually I think its the whole chapter"
Sister F. Olivieira "Com certeza, sister"
(give it a read fam, never read a truer scripture in my life. Every time it says Alma put sisters and every time it says Amonnihah put Venancio Aires, really hilarious actually) 
We're really taking "apply the scriptures in your life" to the next level here in Venancio 

Quote of the week pt 2
Me "Sister this was the week of Adam"
Sister "Why"
Me "cuz todo mundo caiu"
2 Nephi 2:25--scripture mastery coming in clutch, I didn't wake up early for 4 years for nothing, right? lolz

love you guys!!!
Sister Jolley