Wednesday, July 13, 2016



I can't believe that is p day again already! This week was great and sooo fast. ALSO THIS WEEK WAS BEYOND RAINY- NEARLY DROWNED Y'ALL. Swimming is against the rules of the mission so I may just have to ask the President to let me stay in for the next 2 months cuz I don't wanna break any rules, ya know? haha jokes but on the reals the rain is rough cuz everyone thinks we're crazy to walk in the street and no one wants to stop and talk in the rain. Oh well- more blessings for us, right? At least that's what I tell myself.

BUT THIS WEEK I HAD A FIRST- the classic missionary food experience happened to me- our investigator gave us some food to try. I think it was fried fat. Ohh it was the worst, the worst. Fed that thing to his dog as soon as I could. ALSO this week I contacted a pastor- lolz he wasn't too interested in my message- can't imagine why.

OH AND GUESS WHAT Y'ALL- last week at our District Meeting our zone leader was talking to us and we were all in the chapel and there were actually a bunch of districts there (okay so actually 2 but imagine a lot of people for the sake of my story) and all the sudden the elder was like Sister Jolley come up here (to the pulpit) and give a talk on Moroni 7. AND I THOUGHT IT WAS A JOKE but it wasn't. So I walked up there and gave a talk on Moroni 7. Give it a read- 10/10 would recommend. 

SAD PART OF THE WEEK-so practically all of our investigators dropped us this week- WOWE IM DONE- But, we do have one that I think will be baptized if homeboy can keep the cigarettes on hold. 

HAPPY PART OF THE WEEK- this family we've been teaching told us that we were angels sent to teach them about Christ- BLESS UP- Legit this was the probs the best thing that has happened so far in the mish. It made me so happy to know that our messages make a real difference in the lives of others.

SCARY PART- My trainer had me lead the lessons this week- and it was a tad rough cuz usually I just share my part of the lesson with the people, and let my trainer be in charge- but this week it was me. She said I did a really good job so there's that.

Quote of the week
Sister F. Oliveira: Sister, I just recieved some personal revelation
Me: what
Oliveira: I gotta call president right now and tell him
Me: why
Oliveira: If I'm gonna be the healthy missionary I need to be, I need to wake up a at 8 instead of 6:30
Me: ahhh I think I just recieved the same revelation

As for the subject of this email- this week I learned that you can make popcorn without a popcorn maker! Who would've thought? and as for the movie, check out District 1 and 2,10/10 would recommend

love y'all
Sister Jolley

PS if y'all feel like your prayers aren't being answered try praying at 4 am. A guy we tracted into told us that at 4 am God isn't busy so he can grant your requests. I didn't have the heart to explain to him about the reality of time zones here on earth--haha the people here are a hoot.